Album: asv-album::Travels to distant places and countries::1996/05 Chalkidiki (Greece)::Boat trip to Mount Athos. Peninsula governed by monks.


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We've set course to Athos peninsula. The boat isn't big but isn't small (the entire crew is about 3 men). Wind is high, and it's not warm but rather cold.
Coast is pretty different here -- from beaches to unclimbable rocks.
Seagulls guide us. They hoped our ship will fish, but no, we don't have nets nor fish :-)
Very similar to The Cat Mountain in Crimea!
We're getting closer; Mt. Athos is at the background. It is about 2000 meters high. Wind is cold (that's why I look so sick :-).
Another monastery.
Yet another monastery.
We've closing to Ouranopolis (hope I spelled it right). The city (is it city?) is very small.
Good bye, Mountain of Monks! It was nice to look at you.

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