Album: asv-album::Travels to distant places and countries::1996/05 Chalkidiki (Greece)::Village Kallithea. The "8th European Meeting on Solar Physics" was held there.


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A sight from the hotel's window.
Near hotel, in the garden.
Hotel entrance.
Everythings blooms in May...
Mediterranean Sea.
An attempt to make a shot of sea hedgehog. Obviously failed.
Meadow with poppies looks truly incredible.
Water is transparent.
Garden with playground, pool etc. near the Athos Palace hotel.
You probably get bored to see hotel again :-) But actually, there wasn't much interesting around :-)
Water in Aegean Sea.
How did I managed to get so many shots of hotel entrance?
View from the hill near the coast.
Great palm, isn't it?
Small church.
Climbing a hill.
Waiting for feet to get dry after some walking in the water.
Garden again.
No, I do not work for IBM. I am using their software products.
Water isn't hot. And even isn't warm. But very pleasant anyway.
Wondering what's on my neck? Conference badge, of course!
Entrance to some villa. It was evening, so photo isn't worth looking.
Good bye, Chalkidiki!
Oh, sorry, it is actually a greeting to

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