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Irina Mironova. At the crossing of Shijo dori and Karasuma dori. "Dori" is street in Japanese.
Myself. A view to Karasuma dori; center of the city is in opposite direction. Early morning (about 8 am).
First encounter with small shrine. We were rather puzzled and didn't knew what's that.
Shrine. Right on the street.
On the Shijo dori.
A land of high technologies.
Kamogawa, i.e. Kamo river. Rather shallow and quick. Water is crystal clear. A view from the Shijo Ohashi bridge.
Walking OS/2 advertisement ;-) On the bridge across the Kamogawa river.
Crossed Kamogawa, standing near narrow boulevard.
Dreaming about things on display. After checking, they appeared to be not that tasty compared to how they look.
Real fire brigade. I am not sure whether it was a real fire or just training, but people inside machines were wearing silver suites. Shijo dori.
Entrance to Yasaka shrine and Maruyama park (at the end of Shijo dori).
Entrance to Yasaka shrine and Maruyama park (at the end of Shijo dori).
Shrine gate. The orange colour is beautiful.
Place to drink and wash hands. Similar ones are present at every shrine.
Yup! Irina tries to choose a hat. She didn't succeeded though (good ones are way too expensive).
This is the main shrine. At night, all lanterns are lit.
Sacred lantern. Some kind of a donation to gods.
Southern gate of Yasaka shrine.
Roofs are really worth looking at.
People ask for divine help here. See next shot.
The procedure is as follows: put a coin into special box, pull a cord (the bells will chime), clap hands and bow. Don't forget to tell god about your wishes. You see the woman at the left in the end of the prayer.
Trying to do the same. Not really sure what I asked this time. Probably just wanted to say "Thanks" to gods.
Large tree in the Maruyama park.
On the alley leading to Otani shrine. 17 August; the alley is decorated with paper lanterns.
Another fine example of typical roof. Still don't know exactly what it was made of.
Blooming tree, emerald pine and white lanterns - beautiful sight.
She didn't exactly liked to be photographed this time.
Shoes are to be taken off before entering.
I believe this is the actual Otani shrine. Otani was a monk who founded it.
Another view. Note the incense smoke.
Pond with coloured fish in Maruyama park. There are also turtles in it.
Irina seems to be happy. This is the first day, it's morning and sun isn't burning. Yet.
A view to the river near Kyoto International Conference Hall (KICH).
Street leading to nearby mountain, near KICH.
Hmmm, strange pose I took. Ever seen mummies in Heroes of Might and Magic II computer game? Loos rather similar.

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