Album: asv-album::Travels to distant places and countries::1997/08 Kyoto, Nara (Japan)::18/08 Higashi-Honganji temple


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Central Kyoto railway station.
Another view. Myself included.
We are walking to large Buddhist temple near Kyoto station (Higashi-Honganji Temple).
Colossal entrance gate. Wooden, of course. You can see that Buddhist temples are brown coloured (unlike orange shrines).
Irina is standing in the front of a gate.
On the staircase leading inside the temple.
Wrong exposure.
Temple yard.
On the temple verandah.
Enjoying the view.
Column is made of single tree.
Column is made of single tree.
Drake in the temple yard. This is a place for washing hands and drinking.
Near KICH in the garden, during reception. On the right is Olga Sil'chenko.
Lots of people was gathered near KICH to talk, eat and drink.
In the crowd. Look how many astronomers have gathered here!

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