Album: asv-album::Travels to distant places and countries::1997/08 Kyoto, Nara (Japan)::24/08 Nara


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Deers are commonplace in Nara. They live everywhere.
Feeding deers.
Kofuku-ji pagoda.
Kofuku-ji pagoda.
A pack of deers. They are still new for us.
Famous Nara stone lanterns. These two are really magnificent ones.
Two Europeans want to take an entertainment ride.
Road to Todai-ji temple (where Great Buddha of Nara is).
Children playing with deer. Park near Todai-ji temple.
Can you find out what it is?
Daibutsu temple gate.
Guardian inside temple gate.
To the temple.
Stone obelisk with hieroglyphs carved in it.
Daibutsu temple. View from the outside.
Daibutsu temple. Main entrance.
Near incense-burner.
Irina Mironova and Olga Sil'chenko, at the entrance.
Myself. Dark temple inner hall contrasts with my white shirt.
Great Buddha of Nara.
Great Buddha of Nara.
We're leaving. Main gate.
Lawn of the temple. Golden spear on the background is explained on the next shot.
Modern construction; as far as I remember it symbolizes unification of people's spirits of the world or something like that.
Kasuga shrine.
Irina near sacred stone lanterns.
Irina near sacred stone lanterns.
Slope of the hill is covered by large stone staircase. Deers everywhere.
Dragon on the rooftop (view from the restaurant at the second floor).
Dark alley and stone lanterns.
I am sad. Don't know why.
Golden lanterns among orange columns.
Kasuga shrine.
Old tree inside shrine.
Countryside. You can see rice fields in the foreground (this is the road from Nara to Kyoto).
Countryside (this is the road from Nara to Kyoto).

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