Album: asv-album::Travels to distant places and countries::1997/08 Kyoto, Nara (Japan)::25/08 Kyoto Botanical Garden


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Man-made beauty of Kyoto Botanical Garden.
Hiding from the hot sun.
Flower of lotus. Unfortunately, I was unable to come close.
Pond grown with lotus all over the surface.
Watermill. Not in working condition though.
On the alleys.
Bonsai (small trees grown in pots). She frowns from the burning sun.
Bonsai (small trees grown in pots).
Small garden of bonsai. All trees are grown in pots and put on long benches to view.
Model of the typical Japanese garden. Almost all details are present: moss, rocks, trees, stone lanterns, bamboo fence. Only pond is missing.
Rose alley; you can see fountain in the background.
Rose bushes.
Fountain. In such a hot climate, very refreshing device.
Small waterfall, surrounded by bushes.
Hydro plants (plants cultivated in water).
Hydro plants (plants cultivated in water).
In the bamboo coupe.
Lost among the trunks.
Look how thick they are.
Dark bamboo alley.
Near conservatory entrance.
We've got quite a pack of things to carry back to Moscow!
Sigh. Good bye, Kyoto. It was nice to meet you. I'll pray to return to you someday...

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