Album: asv-album::Travels to distant places and countries::1998/03 Tashkent (Uzbekistan)


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8 March -- flowers everywhere! On the Amir Temur street.
Near Oloy market. The day is sunny but not quite warm.
Got a melon -- yeah! Near Oloy market.
On the alley. Abdulla Kodiry street.
Amir Temur museum. The building is quite magnificent, especially inside. There aren't many items on display though.
Amir Temur. At the very centre of the city.
Administrative building (don't remember exactly what is it).
The sun is warm. One of the first days we really felt we're in the southern country (that Spring was unusually cold).
Oloy market square. People are watching the show. You can see the assistant in the black-with-white-stars robe.
Volodya is watching too :-)
The showman has finished and tells the story -- in Uzbek, of course, so unfortunately I did not understand it. You can see row of dumb-bells and the band at the background.
Mustakillik square. You can see the globe of Uzbekistan.
Ankhor Canal, near Mustakillik square.
In the small park near the town centre.
In the small park near the town centre.
In the small park near the town centre.
The Spring is coming.
The memorial dedicated to earthquake of 1966. Almost all city was nearly destroyed. Sharof Rashidov avenue.
Fountains on Mustakillik square.
The palace of unknown (for me) origin. Sharof Rashidov avenue.
Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre.
At the square in the front of Navoi Theatre.
On the market.
Colours! Colours! Colours!
I am looking at wonderful bedcovers.
Colourful eastern robes for sale.
Two men playing on ... anybody know what they are playing on? I don't.
Tyubeteyka, n. Embroidered skull-cap worn in Central Asia.
The city is full of contrasts...
At the doors of the Astronomical Institute. The bag is filled with books I just bought.
Nobody seem to observe anything on that telescope.
Astronomical Institute (the entrance). Good bye, Tashkent!

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