Album: asv-album::Travels to distant places and countries::1999/09 Florence, Rome (Italy)::12/09 Firenze


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A view from the window of Istituto oblate del'Assusione. Yard.
Giotto campanille.
Frescos on the Duomo (cathedral) cupola.
Duomo facade.
Duomo facade.
Duomo cupola, facade and Giotto's campanille. View from Piazza di Duomo.
Florence street---as narrow as ever... Near Piazza di Duomo.
Front view of San Lorenzo church.
San Lorenzo.
Piazza San Lorenzo.
San Lorenzo.
Door ring.
Inside San Lorenzo church.
Fragment of San Lorenzo church facade.
San Lorenzo monument.
Gates to Palazzo Medici Riccardi (?).
On Firenze street.
You have to be computer geek to understand the fun of this picture.
Busiest Firenze street, Via Calzaiuoli.
Statue on Orsanmichele.
On Via Calzaiuoli.
Piazza della Signoria.
..., on piazza della Signoria.
Facade of Palazzo Vecchio.
Piazza M. D'Azeglio. I was taking time to prepare my talk which should be next day.

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