Album: asv-album::Travels to distant places and countries::1999/09 Florence, Rome (Italy)::17/09 San Croce. Duomo


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Inner yard in San Croce.
Crucifix in San Croce.
In San Croce.
San Croce. The door.
On Firenze street.
Fiat mini.
Entrance to Istituto oblate del'Assusione from borgo Pinti.
Some of meeting participants, from left to right: ?, Valentina Abramenko, Olga Sheiner, Elena Benevolenskaya.
Some of meeting participants, from left to right: Yuri Tsap, Valentina Abramenko, Olga Sheiner, Sergey Ayukov (me).
Claire Foullon, in the inner yard of palazzo Medici Riccardi.
Me at the piazza di Duomo.
Claire and Firenze. On the Cathedral dome.
Sergey on the Cathedral dome.
Tonight Firenze, as seen from the Duomo cupolae.
Giotto's Bell Tower.

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