Album: asv-album::Travels to distant places and countries::2004/06 Leiden, Hague, Amsterdam (Netherlands)::01/06/04 Moscow-Leiden. Flight, trip to Leiden, first walk


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We have boarded and are waiting for takeoff.
Passenger tube in Sheremetyevo airport
Flying. Typical Moscow region landscape is seen below
Flying. Typical Moscow region landscape is seen below
Modern passenger aircraft flies at about 10 km
In the Leiden railway station, near ticket office. Exit to the center of the city
Typical Dutch sea... of bicycles
Leiden railway station. View from Oegstgeest side
Building near railway station
Walking towards Bastion Hotel we leave Leiden and enter Oegstgeest
A kirk in Oegstgeest?
A small architectural detail... Runaway car stop?
Many houses have richly decorated ???
Another example of near-house decorations
On the way to new University campus. Strange tree, isn't it?
Ducklings are hiding in the grass near canal
Walking from the University towards the city center. Grass is not cut at all sometimes
Interesting example of building wall. No windows. Hmmm...
Modern installment. What is should mean?
Naturalis. Natural history museum
Entering old sea port gate
1669. Norsh poort (should that read "north port"?)
Cannon photographed by Canon
A view through port gate to the .... street
North port gate dome
Nice small street ()
Canal in the centre of the Leiden
Canal in the centre of the Leiden
Some bush is blooming. On the way to the hotel
Flower close-up
A collection of old irons in the window

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