Nijo castle (ancient shogun palace)

photob34. Nijo castle, Shogun palace. The main building. Comparing to temples and shrines, royal architecture looks modest.
photob35. Near the large bell. On the right is Elena Benevolenskaya from St. Peterburg.
photob36. Standing in the garden of Nijo castle.
photoc01. Irina is sitting on warm wooden platform. Note that walls made of paper.
photoc02. Castle garden. Typical Japanese combination: pond, rocks, trees, moss.
photoc03. In the garden.
photoc04. Fence made of bamboo.
photoc05. Trying to decide whether to walk upstairs to the tower or not. The sun is quickly becoming hot.
photoc06. View from the tower. You can see broad moat.
photoc07. A view from the tower to castle garden.
photoc08. In the castle garden.
photoc09. Gate. Note the small bamboo clamp in the foreground.
photoc10. Japanese know how to make beautiful gardens. Really.
photoc11. Broad lawn. In the garden.

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