Ryoanji Temple (with its famous rock garden) and around

photod01. Pond in the garden of Ryoan-ji temple, where Rock Garden is.
photod02. In the Ryoan-ji temple garden.
photod03. The trees, moss and rocks look like handpainted. The closest analogy is Legend of Kyrandia 1,2 games.
photod04. In the garden.
photod05. In the garden.
photod06. Ryoan-ji Rock Garden. Verandah.
photod07. Ryoan-ji Rock Garden. Rocks.
photod08. Ryoan-ji Rock Garden. Thinking about something.
photod09. Ryoan-ji Rock Garden. Japanese makes sketches of rocks.
photod11. Ryoan-ji Rock Garden.
photod12. Ryoan-ji temple, inner yard.
photod14. Bamboo fence.
photod16. In the forest, on the hill near the temple.
photod17. In the forest, on the hill near the temple. Too dark. wrong exposure.
photod19. We've reached stone road. Irina is pointing to something.
photod21. Kyoto city, as viewed from the hill. Right part of the panorama.
photod22. Kyoto city, as viewed from the hill. Central part of the panorama.
photod23. Kyoto city, as viewed from the hill. Left part of the panorama.
photod24. Merciless sun takes its toll.
photod25. Stone road has ended. Path in the forest.
photod26. Another view of Kyoto.
photod27. Japanese mountains look wild, but in reality almost everything is covered by paths, sacred places and such.
photod28. Looking down from the top.
photod29. A bug which produces loud high-pitched noise. The actual length is about 5-6 cm.
photod30. Closer.
photod31. Mountains.
photod32. On the top of the hill. Strange articles are bound to the tree.

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