Ennio Morricone

He wrote a music for tremedous number of films. See for example, list Filmography
  1. Film Music 1966-1987 (2CD) Virgin Records
    (there is other CD "The Very Best of Marricone" - some alternative name given as links)
    (1) The good, the bad and the ugly,
    Come maddalena,
    The sicilian clan, (other orag.)
    Chi mai (Film: Le Professionnel (Joss, Le Profesinalista) - this music sounds together with "Le vent, le cri", but sometimes confusevely linked to film: Maddalena), (other orag.)
    Investigation of a citizen above suspision,
    Mosea addio,
    Marche en la, (other orag.)
    La califfa,
    The battle of algiers,
    The infernal trio,
    For love one can die,
    Sacco and Vanzetti, (other orag.)
    La tragedia di un nomo ridicolo
    Romanza quartiere Once upon a time in the west (main theme),(other orag.)
    The mission (remix) (other orag.)

    (2) Once upon a time in America (cockey's song), (other orag.)
    Gabriel's oboe, (film: Mission)(other orag.)
    Atto di dolore,
    Baci dopo il tramonto,
    Le marginal, (other orag.)
    Estate 1943,
    The falls,
    Moses theme,
    Buona fortuna, jack,
    The man with the harmonica, (other orag.)
    A fistful of dynamite, (other orag.) - this title may be incorrect - other names too different.
    My name is nobody, (other orag.)
    Peur sur la ville,
    Le vent, le cri (film: Le Professionnel), (other orag.)
    Once upon a time in America (Deborah's theme).

A Night At The Movies (3CD's)

  1. Ravel's bolero (3.06) (from "10") (Ravel)
    Love story (3.07) () (Lai)
    The French lieutenants woman (2.09) () (Davis)
    Cavantina (3.13) (Deep Hunter) (Myers)
    Love is a many splendoured thing (3.21) (../Grease) (Fain/Webster)
    A man and a woman (2.55) (The Umbrela of Cherbourg) (Barrugh/Lai/Kaller)
    On golden pond (4.49) () (Cruisin)
    Windmills of your mind (2.52) (The Thomas Crown affair) (Legrand/Bergman/Bergman)
    Somewhere in tme (3.34) () (Barry/Mueller)
    Kramer vs Kramer (5.14) (Shire)
    Fantasia (5.19) () (Tchaikovsky)
    Elvira Madigan (5.22) () (Mozart)
    A clockwork orange (6.12) () (Beethoven)
    20,000 Leagues under the sea (6.52) () (Bach)
  2. Exodus (4.02) () (Gold)
    Chariots of fire (3.51) () (Vangelis)
    I will wait for you (2.35) (The Umbrela of Cherbourg) (Legrand/Demy)
    Zobra the Greek (4.31) () (Theodorakis)
    Star wars (3.32) () (Williams)
    Tara's theme (3.00) (Gone with the wind) (Steiner/David)
    Lawrence of Arabia (3.43) () (Jarre) Moulin Rouge (3.06) () (Engvick)
    Third man theme (2.54) () (Karas/Cacavas)
    Lara's theme (2.54) () (Jarre)
    Midnight cowboy (3.33) () (Barry)
    The Godfather (3.51) () (Rota)
    Shenandoah (3.31) () Traditional)
  3. Titles (3.51) (Chariots of fire) (Vangelis)
    Five circles (5.41) (Chariots of fire) (Vangelis)
    Abraham's theme (3.33) (Chariots of fire) (Vangelis)
    Eric's theme (4.36) (Chariots of fire) (Vangelis)
    Finale (5.41) (Chariots of fire) (Vangelis)
    Blade runner (2.34) () (Vangelis)
    Ride of the valkyries (1.31) (Apocalypse now) (Wagner)
    Also sprach Zarathustra (2.06) (2001: A space odyssey)
    Battle of the planets (2.23) (?) (Holcombe)
    Imperial attack (2.08) (Star War) (Williams)
    Jaws (2.38) () (Williams)
    Raider of the lost ark (2.52) () (Williams)
    The good, the bad and the ugly (3.02) () (Morricone)
    Battle of Borodino (3.45) (war and Peace) (Tchaikovsky)
    A bridge too far (2.18) () (Addison)
    The longest day (2.31) () (Anka)

James Bond Themes