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Welcome to the MathSoft Wavelet Resources page: your site for one-stop shopping for wavelet papers. This page is a list of many preprints on the subject of wavelets and their various applications in the worlds of mathematics, engineering and physics. Many of these sources were tracked down through the Wavelet Digest which is a clearinghouse for wavelet information of all sorts. As a convenience, we now provide links to some of the tools you need to view papers in this list.

By its very nature this page is perpetually under construction. Any help you can lend in keeping this page up to date will be appreciated greatly. If there is a preprint that you are aware of that is available via anonymous ftp and does not appear here please mail wavelets@mathsoft.com and it will be added as soon as possible.

Many thanks are due to Steve Baum for compiling baum.bib, an exhaustive list in BibTex of wavelet references for both published papers and technical reports. Most of the papers in his list that are available via anonymous ftp have been added here; most of those that didn't make it to the page couldn't be found at the supplied address.

One quick plug: MathSoft develops and markets S+Wavelets, an object-oriented toolkit for advanced signal and image analysis, time series analysis, statistical signal estimation and data compression.

Seeking Wavelets Expert
MathSoft is seeking an expert in wavelets and applications to participate in writing a Mathcad Electronic Book on wavelets immediately. More information will be posted as soon as possible, but we welcome inquiries.

Introductions to Wavelets

General Theory

Frame Decompositions

M-Band Wavelets and Filter Banks

Wavelets and General Signal Processing

Wavelets and Image Processing

The FBI Wavelet Fingerprint Compression Standard

Wavelets and Speech Processing

Wavelets and Ordinary Differential Equations

Wavelets and Partial Differential Equations

Wavelets and Numerical Analysis

Wavelets and Statistics

Wavelets and Econometrics

Wavelets and Fractals

Wavelets and Communication Theory

Wavelets and Computer Graphics

Wavelets and Physics

Hardware and Software Implementation of Wavelet Transforms

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