Solar modeling input physics
(thermodynamics, opacity, nuclear reactions)

On this page you can compute thermodynamics, opacity and nuclear reaction rates for conditions which exist inside the Sun. Different equations of state and opacity tables can be used, including SAHA-S equation of state.

Select equation of state, opacity and mixture [help]

Equation of state:

Opacity tables


Please read detailed explanations on what is affected by this parameter.

Select output values [help]

Pressure P, dyn/cm^2
Specific internal energy U, erg/g
Logarithmic partial derivative dlogP/dlogT (hi_t)
Logarithmic partial derivative dlogP/dlogRHO (hi_rho)
Logarithmic partial derivative dlogP/dlogX (hi_x)
Logarithmic partial derivative dlogU/dlogT (ksi_t)
Logarithmic partial derivative dlogU/dlogRHO (ksi_rho)
Logarithmic partial derivative dlogU/dlogX (ksi_x)
Specific heat at constant volume Cv
Specific heat at constant pressure Cp
Adiabatic compressibility Gamma1
Adiabatic compressibility Gamma2
Adiabatic compressibility Gamma3
Rosseland opacity, cm^2/g
Nuclear energy generation rate, erg/(gram*sec)
Hydrogen burning rate dX/dt, 1/sec

If you do not select anything, pressure will still be printed.

Enter input data [help]

Enter here temperature T, density rho, hydrogen mass fraction X and heavy elements mass fraction Z, one set of values per line (multiple lines are allowed). One can also use three-component Z (ZCNO, ZNe, ZFeSi) or 19-component Z instead of single Z value. It is not recommended to mix different numbers of Z components in one job. Input field size does not limit the amount of data entered; you can type or paste thousands of lines (10,000 lines tested with output size over 5MB).


2.17e6 0.18 0.74 0.018

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