File Juggler -- the software for convenient browsing of FTP archives

Design concepts

The idea behind it was rather simple: using CGI scripts as processing tools and WWW browser as user interface, display the structure and content of typical anonymous FTP server in a convenient, easily navigated form.

Also read my humble work notes on design and implementation if you're really interested.

Current status

File Juggler version 1.0 has been implemented and is now installed on two ftp servers at Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University:
  1. archive (mostly OS/2 software, recreation and leisure)
  2. SAI FTP archive (lots of free material available on the Internet, including astronomy, Unix software, Linux etc.)
The source code is not available yet for general distribution.

Version 1.0 can only work with one ftp site at a time (on which it is installed). Next version which will provide interface to several ftp servers simultaneously is under development.

Disclaimers and acknowledgments

File Juggler is written by Dr. Sergey Ayukov, research fellow at Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow University.

File Juggler uses cgic library, copyright 1996 by Thomas Boutell.

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