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August 1997, Japan

Sergey Ayukov's home page

I work
at Solar Studies group
for Sternberg Astronomical Institute
of Moscow University.

Have you seen my secondary site?

build me a castle
and throw a parade
put my name in stone
so the words don't fade
start a religion
and name it for me
build me a city
and give me the key

Planet P, King for a day

NFTP now runs under 9 operating systems, in 19 languages!

Serious stuff
Check out our new powerful indexing system for local ftp server or try the same interface for SAI ftp server.
I have done a Russian translations of three articles from All Things Web.
Publications on solar internal structure (incomplete; see also cumulative list of the group)
Server statistics (*.sai.msu.(su,ru) domains excluded).
Local copy of BeBook

Software I wrote (this list is incomplete)
NFTP -- advanced text mode ftp client for OS/2, Windows, Unix, BeOS.
FileJuggler -- indexing/browsing/search system for ftp servers.
Fertilizer -- renames files with long names into FAT-compliant format (8+3).

Check out my music collection. Come to listen if you're not too far away...
Rock lyrics - my old own collection; not very big.
Mirror of lyrics archive from - the biggest lyrics archive in the world. Unfortunately, University of Wisconsin-Parkside archive is closed now due to legal reasons.
GameAnswers -- Solves, cheats, cracks, hints for games (rather outdated).
Take a look at my desktop!
Digital Photo Album (UPDATED).
Pages on Raymond Elias Feist's books (unfinished)

Sergey Ayukov (,, PGP key)

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