At the graduate level, I teach various courses in the fluids/thermal area, ranging from entry-level fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and convective heat transfer to advanced topics in fluid turbulence.


At the graduate level, two types of students need to be served At the entry level (first year graduate), I strongly believe that one must choose the perspective of the course to suit one or the other group, rather than compromise with both. For more advanced courses, being responsive to diverse interests in the class is usually very productive.

Information technology can take a different role at the graduate level, where more independence and different motivation can be expected from the students. My turbulence course , accessible by password only, combines


At one point or another, I have taught the following courses:
o MEE 651 : Thermodynamics
o MEE 643 : Fluid Dynamics
o MEE 657 : Convective Heat Transfer
o MEE 741 : Turbulence
o MEE 746 : Viscous Flows
o MEE 849 : Special Topics in Fluid Mechanics

Jacques Lewalle,