Why service?

Since I started teaching at Syracuse, it has been obvious to me that no faculty member works in a vacuum: administrative and support services contribute important elements of our working environment. Faculty members can contribute to the quality of this environment through a wide range of Committees and other voluntary activities. Over the years, the emphasis of my service has shifted from graduate toward undergraduate programs.

Current activities

Member, Engineering Co-op Advisory Committee (since 1992)
Chair, Organizing Committee, 49th Annual Meeting, American Physical Society, Division of Fluid Dynamics (November 1996).
Chair, University Fellowship Subcommittee for the College of Engineering and COmputer Science and for the School of Information Studies. (since 1993)
Member, Deparmental Committees on Tenure and Promotion. (since 1990)

Past service

Chair, Departmental Committee on Graduate Affairs (for 8 years)
Organizer, Iroquois Fluids Conference (for 9 years)
Member, University Senate Committee on Computing (for 2 years)

Jacques Lewalle, jlewalle@syr.edu